Using google maps for aerial photography

Using google maps 3D for drone photography composition. Google maps 3D can be a useful tool to help you find the right composition in advance when planning a drone shoot.

Snowy Landscapes

A short winter getaway and snow landscape photography.

Photo calender using R

Create an elegant photo calendar completely using R.


A conference trip to Austin, Texas and my experiences.


My first trip to Iceland, pictures, route and some insights.

India 2017

I took a short vacation to Kerala, India to visit my family and to rejuvenate myself.

Autumn 2016

Autumn/Fall pictures from Uppsala.

Autumn in Fulufjället

Autumn pictures from Fulufjällets national park.


A week-long trip to Scotland

Curious about a Bee Swarm

A little video about a honey bee swarm in the apple trees.