I took a short autumn trip to Thessaloniki, Greece.

Views of Thessaloniki and Platamon.

This place is most interesting for it’s culture and history. You can learn all about the Greek civilisation and the evolution of human civilisation in general. Some of my favourite musuems were the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, War Museum of Thessaloniki and the white tower museum. The Museum of Byzantine Culture was unfortunately closed. There are numerous historical churches and archaeological sites scattered through the city.

There are a few places to get some great views of the city. The white tower museum is the most obvious, but it is not that high. The skyline cafe bar offers excellent 360 degree views of the city as you stuff your pie-hole. Another site is the Trigonion Tower which offers stunning views over the whole city.

On the last day, I took a train ride down to Platamon which is about 1.5 hrs away from Thessaloniki. The beaches were practically empty in November and to be fair, it wasn’t very warm to be in the water. But, I had an excellent fried fish dinner at a local restaurant.