I spent the last couple of days in Leeds, UK. The weather was just awful. It was around 2-6 °C which was good and bad. Good in the sense that it was not too cold and therefore comfortable to go around. Bad in the sense that all the precipitation was rain and no snow.

Leeds is not the most interesting city in the UK. It’s mostly run by all the universities. Loads of students. It’s quite expensive and budget accommodation is lacking. Perhaps the best part of Leeds is the city center with its countless shops and shopping malls. The whole place is overrun by shoppers. You get a whole lot of shopping options from expensive designer brands to cheaper TK-Maxx and Primark. There are not many other attractions in Leeds except for art galleries, cathedrals and state houses which are completely uninteresting for me. The only two attractions that I thought was interesting is the Royal Armouries museum in the city and the National Coal Mine museum near Wakefield.

The NCM (National Coal Mine museum) is pretty cool. The entry is essentially free and you get to go on a free tour taking you 140m down into a defunct coal mine. The tour guide gives you some detailed insight into the experience of working in a coal mine throughout the ages. The tour guides are ex-miners and it can be a challenge to understand what they are saying through their heavy Yorkshire accent. Other than that, they are humorous and friendly chaps.

The university of Leeds.